• The legal definition of heir finding is the search for related persons of a decedent who, based on the legal heritable succession, may be considered as the decedent's beneficiaries. In many cases, this requires complicated genealogical research involving a combined search for ancestors and decendents. Heir finders thus find widely dispersed family members (German law is infinite when it comes to legal heritable succession) with the aim to bring assets and heirs together.

  • An important part of our research is proof/documentation of heritable succession with the aid of public documents and other proof of inheritance. Heir finders provide evidence for the legal claim of unknown heirs. With this documentation they make it possible for the heir to obtain a German Certificate of Inheritance which is required by German law.An heir finder's responsibility is to obtain information and clarify matters; heir finders are thus not legal advisors.

  • Our profession requires a solid education and continuous training in this highly specialized field.

  • Heir finders supplement important public tasks, i.e. the guarantee of ownership and inheritance in accordance with Article 14 of the German Constitution. In many cases, it is due to their efforts that heirs benefit from this constitutional right.